Our Client Closet (Maternity)

Did you know I offer a client closet for my clients to use for maternity photos? Imagine having to worry about one less thing for your session if your outfit(s) are already picked out! From start to finish I help you create a one of a kind session experience with your own style. I can help with outfit planning, location planning, etc. I also have a portable changing tent. YES! That means no changing in the car anymore! It fits one person up to 6 feet.

Take a look at some photos of previous mamas rocking these gowns for their session!

I'm constantly shopping and looking at places to buy my pieces from. I recently just inquired TWO brand new maternity gowns. One is an off the shoulder, mermaid maternity gown with long flowing end pieces. The other is a long sleeve, deep green maternity gown that can have flowy ends as well. I'm so excited to have found these gowns to be able to add to my client closet!

I'm wanting to test these out and potentially even make some little snippet videos of these dresses in action. So will you be my new model? As a little enticement, I'm offering $100 off any collection purchase if you model these dresses for me.